electronics lab tour!
Overview ... Instruments and work space on the bench and side table; component storage underneath; a library of my most useful databooks on the shelf up above.
[lab overview]
A closer look at my HP 16500B and my side table, the latter mostly obscured in the previous photo ...
Side table ... Old Compaq support laptop; HP 48GX calculator; Fluke 79 III DMM; hand tools. I keep all my precision tools in a big Klein tool bucket just below.
HP 16500B! I love this thing ...
[HP 16500B]
I'll linger for just a moment on the 16500B because I think it's just that cool ... On the left is a shot of the system booting from solid state (CF card) ...
[HP 16500B booting] [HP 16500b system screen]
On the right is the System page from the 16500B ... I'll let it speak for itself :O
[three full stacks of instruments]
A closer view of the three main stacks that make up the bulk of my bench instrumentation ...
[far left instrument stack detail]
Far left stack ... Tek 7704 250 MHz mainframe equipped with two 7A26 dual trace amplifiers, a 7B35A dual time base and a 7B25 delaying time base... HP 4957A protocol analyzer on top of that, along with a few old TTL logic probes, just out of sight ...
[center stack] [center stack 2]
Center stack ... Tek 222 10 MHz portable DSO with some miscellanea on top ...
Fluke 8000A digital bench DMM.
Tek TM503 chassis 1 ... inductive current probe and AM503 amplifier.
Tek TM503 chassis 2 ... PS503A triple output power supply; PG501 50 MHz pulse generator; FG502 10 MHz function generator.
[right stack]
Right stack ... Tek CFG250 2 MHz function generator with some more miscellanea on top (can you see the Pickit 2?) ...
Racal-Dana 9919 microwave frequency counter.
RSR PG-3301 pulse generator.
Kepco ABC 0-5V, 1A linear power supply.
[soldering and misc]
Half stack and miscellaneous equipment; this sits between my three big stacks of instruments and my HP 16500B.
Hakko 936 soldering station on top of another Kepco linear power supply, 0-15V, 0.5A.
Plenty of solder and wick... Staco variac; GQ-4X EEPROM reader and burner.
[bench workspace overview]
Work space ... I like to play with little single-board computers right now ... I have a 6502 SBC there on the right, and a TMS 9995 SBC in progress there on the left... fly leads to the HP16500B and other instruments all over the place ... breadboards; parts; miscellaneous hand tools ...
I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my lab!