scripts and software
This page contains various software projects that I have worked on over the years, mostly written in Perl and C. Information contained here is free to use for educational and non-commercial purposes. No warranty given or implied. All rights reserved where applicable.
This is a little bit deprecated. Please see my Github for more.
9clock is a really simple graphical clock for plan 9.
9pong is a graphical pong program for plan 9.
lines and squares are both simple demos of graphic programming in plan 9.
portscan is a tcp port scanner for plan 9.
mkthumb is a (now improved!) perl script that will generate thumbnails and a web page given a directory full of images. this is how i generate my photo gallery pages.
webpad is a really simple pseudo-database backed (metadata is stored in a database but actual entries are not) blogging system that i wrote years ago. long time readers of my website will probably remember it.
webboard is a database backed bulletin board system with both web and command line interfaces that i never ended up putting into production. it was written to approximate the feature set of the picospan conferencing system.
afsmigrate is a perl script that i wrote to do bulk volume migration from one afs server to another. production-tested with over two thousand volume moves.
jollity is a simple single channel, single server irc client for plan 9. it is quite robust and supports RFC 1459 pretty well but not much in the way of any extensions beyond that.
gopher server for plan 9. works good (recently improved!) and supports all the ad hoc standards as far as i know.
cdr logging utilities that i use with my definity and meridian pbx systems.
bijou is a nominally HTTP/1.1 compliant Web server for plan 9. it supports pretty much anything you need to host static pages but does not yet implement CGI.